Friday, January 20, 2012

Tutorial: Mini Light Flowers

Winter can become really dull and drab if you let it. Nothing like a little crafting with lights to cheer you up!

Step 1: Cut felt strips that are about 1 foot by 1 inch. Cut in fringe.
Step 2: Place a pencil on one end of the strip. Using fabric glue, draw a line down the non-fringe strip. Don't glue the part where the pencil will roll.

 Step 3: Roll!
 Step 4: Wrap a rubber band around your felt roll, and let dry completely.
 Step 5: Make more!
 Step 6: Take the rubber band off, pull the pencil out and replace with a light bulb. It is highly recommended that you use LED mini lights, because they do not heat up - therefore there is not fire hazard!
 Step 7: Hang somewhere cute, and admire.


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