Monday, January 2, 2012

BeachHaus Touches, Part 2

Is it cold where you are? Because today was pretty darn chilly in Wisconsin (and will be for the next 4!!!). Makes me wish that I was sitting on a beach....

Dining Room: hand painted candle stands, dog organization and bananas. Makes me want to watch a sunrise with a cup of coffee in my hand.

Save that Art! Most pieces of art in the house are pieces we made when we were youngins. This particular picture is glue on a piece of paper, and then colored sands make a pattern. Keep, paint a thrifted frame, and hang!

Part of the staircase. Mom painted the lamp, we seem to have done most of the rest!

More Candle Stands. These can be found at any local thrift store/St. Vinnies/Savers. They may not look like much when you start out, but let your imagination run wild.

Shells and Hammocks

Frames Frames Frames
P.S. Interested in seeing this in real life? Go here and here for details.

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