Sunday, December 25, 2011

Laundry to Walk-in Closet

Silver paint, metallic accents and magnets

Jewelry board made out of a magnetic board and hanger magnets. Easily movable for when your jewelry collection changes.

Hanging boots from pants hangers - keeps them from being slouchy and easy to find!

A laundry room was converted into a walk in closet. What better way to keep all your clothes handy?  My mom has this was of mixing high end designs with low end, and always looks so pulled together, so her walk-in closet would be no different. Silver paint was used for 3 of the walls, while the other wall is covered in shopping bags. Her most prized items are kept in a case, so they are easily seen, but not touched. Her jewelry is kept on 2 thrifted cake stands, a DIY magnetic hanging board, and a white branch sprayed painted white. It keeps everything accessible and interesting. What girl doesn't want this kind of closet?

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Anonymous said...

Love all these ideas from the closet!! Especially the branch for jewelry & the boot hanger. Nice!