Friday, December 30, 2011

Animals Become Family Members

Yesterday I mentioned that Viktoria has a a pet. I guess you could say that Viktoria started the our little hobby animal farm. Some of our animals are pets...and some are food. But how cute are they? My mother would say that she hates most of the rascals...but if they escape from the fence, she gets some prizes that none of us are willing to pass keep escaping cows!!! Mama needs a new purse.

Our horse Otis. He unfortunately died this past winter, but we had him forever. He was gorgeous.

This is my dog Baer looking at two of our cows. He just wants to play with them!


Tobi, Viktoria's 1 eyed dog. He had to have his eye removed a few years ago, so now he is our pirate pup. He's the inspiration behind this picture.

The famous Pigasso.

Are these not the cutest dogs you have ever seen? They are all mine too! Hans (on the left) is a wired haired dachshund and was given to be as a birthday present by my boyfriend. We call him our Appletini dog because he's a little priss. Baer is the dog on the right. We adopted him from the humane society a few months after we got Hans because Hans needed a friend. Baer is dog's dog - he wants nothing more than to run, chew on things, and sit by your side.

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