Sunday, April 15, 2012

Paint Chipping

Using paint chips for craft projects is all the rage right now. You can find inspiration all over Pinterest and craft books. My mom recently used paint chips to make a mobile - see it here! Here are some other craft projects using paint chips:

found at The Great Indoors
found at Ellementary Home
My favorite, the Chandelier! found at Hey Gorgeous Blog
found at Zodirowe
So obviously using paint chips is a cheap and easy way to make amazing pieces for your home...but how do you keep track of all of these free crafting goodies?

Remember how we used to use CDs to listen to music? And more importantly, remember how you used to store CDs? Since our CDs are now conveniently compressed into iPods, you can use your old CD holder to store your paint chips. An easy and cheap storage solution for a cheap and easy craft staple!

That mom of mine...such a thinker!


Katie's Bliss said...

Wow such a neat idea! I've never thought of using them in crafts ;)

Fashion R&D said...

These are so cool and I would've never thought those little paint chips would come in handy someday lol! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog---wanna follow each other?