Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pinteresting for the Win!

I've mentioned in the past how great we think Pinterest is. You get to share all the amazing things on the internet, and also have a quick (and visual) way of finding the links again! So I've been inspired to do a few of the things I've pinned which have turned out surprisingly well...unlike the ones over at CraftFail (seriously- so funny).

First up we have baked avocado fries. I'm a fan of anything with avocado, and especially of something that tastes deep fried but isn't. My friend Jessica and I made this before another one of her viewing nights of the Bachelor (don't judge us) and were pleasantly surprised how tasty they turned out - and they were super easy! We spritzed a bit of lemon juice on them after they were done baking and sprinkled on Parmesan, and it added that little extra flavor. Find the easy and delicious recipe here.

pictures from the original recipe

and ours! I think ours look even better than the original.

they tasted as good as they look!

Next up we have Nutella Pound Cake. Today is Valentine's Day and instead of getting my boyfriend some lame card that he wouldn't care about anyway, I baked him something since we all know the way to a man's heart is through is...tongue I suppose? Anyway, I looked to Pinterest for "pinspiration" (har har har) and didn't have to look far....nutella pound cake.

Side story: Nutella is from Germany, where my family is from. We used to bring over several jars when I was younger and when I would bring Nutella sandwiches to school, everyone would be all "Ewwww, chocolate on bread? That's sick!"   ...flashforward 14 years and everyone just can't get enough of it. I was a trendsetter even back in 2nd grade.

...moving on. So Nutella poundcake it was for this year's VDay present. The recipe is pretty straight forward - find it here. We just cut into it and it is delicious. A perfect combination of crunchy, chocolatey and ...pound cakey. You know what I mean!

The original - they used mini pound cake pans.

Mine - we used a normal sized pound cake pan

I was concerned about the "blackened" Nutella but the crunchiness actually really adds to it.
Have you had success recreating your Pinspirations? Or are you about ready to submit a post to CraftFail?

If you are interested in following me on Pinterest and seeing all the things I pin (yummy food, pretty clothes, puppies), you can find me here!

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